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This is “All About You”

  • MLS is All About You……Whatever your sport affiliation or activity you can share in any of our 30,000 sport selections from the USA and 265 countries, each with their individual sport website and millions of interactive features.
  • Choose from over 5,000,000 identifying sport, health, educational related connections to share your sport & personal accomplishments, expertise, services, products ….and so much more!
  • Your Membership to MyLifeSports….is Free

Your Personal Account Management Center

  • Create Your Sport Memories Using Our ExclusiveTimeline Feature
  • Create Profiles for All of Your Sport Related Activities.
  • Submit Videos * Photos * Articles and Pertinent Information exclusive to Your Sport and Related Interests
  • Add Highlights * Awards * Testimonials, Educational Achievements Events * Statistics * Opinions * Podcasts * RSS Feeds & Expertise
  • Share to over 460 social and professional networks, members, Invited friends…..and more.

30,000 Sport Selections

  • Choose Any of Our 30,000 Sport Selections from around the world, each with their Individual Website
  • Communicate with Coaches, Athletic Directors, Educational, Career and Professional sources
  • Choose from: General Sports * Special Olympics * Sports by Country Sports by Gender / Age * USA & International Colleges / Universities Sports by High School * Olympics / Paralympics / Special Olympics
  • Add all of your Sports Teams and have them each represented with their own interactive team websites

My Account / Timeline Feature

  • Your own Self-Controlled and Secured Management Center
  • Create Timeline Profiles for all of your sport activities
  • Manage Articles, Photos, Videos and Awards, Highlights,
  • Events, Statistics, Educational Achievements ….and more
  • Family Home Pages * Personalized Home Pages
  • Exclusive Blogging * Recruiting * Coaching Home Pages
  • Recruiting * Classifieds and Philanthropy features
  • Contribute to any of our millions of interactive features for social, sport, business, education & career advancement.

Create, Share & Be Challenged

  • Showcase your talents and skills in comparison to your peers to the USA where 90% of our population participates at some level in sports and around the world, where there are over…. 2.3 billion people who participate in sport activities.
  • We provide the resources for members to present their sport related professions, services & products to their demographics of choice.

Parents / Family

  • For Kids and Parents the Opportunity to Share Their Sports Memories
  • Develop a Game Plan Specific to Their Vision for Personal, Educational and Career Achievement.
  • For Families, the Opportunity to Share in Their Children’s Sports Legacy, Supporting Their Life Skills & Create Family Personalized Home Pages

Personalized Home Page Options

  • Create your own sport home pages with the same features as in our Individual Personalized Home Pages
  • Business * Professional
  • Team
  • Health & Fitness
  • Philanthropy
  • State or Country
  • School or High School
  • USA Colleges / Universities
  • International Colleges / Universities
  • Olympic, Paralympic & Special Olympics

Create as Many Profiles You Wish

  • Sport Profiles
  • Photos
  • Blogs
  • Teams
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  • Awards
  • Highlights
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  • Who is Searching You
  • Share with Members
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  • RSS Feeds
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  • General Profile Info
  • Languages Read

Be Discovered

  • Introduction to the world of sports recognition, competition & connections Compete & showcase your accomplishments in a sports market where over 2.3 billion participate in some form of sport activity.
  • For parents, the “resources” to share in their children’s sports legacy, supporting their sport interaction into their professional & personal futures. For Families the ability to share their personal sport memories.
  • The resources to help gain a local2global audience to showcase and compare our members sport skills, create unlimited sport, educational and professional opportunities.
  • A personal analysis of your goals and how we may assist you.

Create Personalized Home Pages..Features

  • Submit articles, videos, photos, services & related content to: Featured Video & Articles * Featured Content & Blogs SportsWire * Recruiting Spotlight * Polls * Movers & Shakers Connections & Keywords Events * Polls * Classifieds/Marketplace Links Shared by Members….and much more! Invite Friends & Share with Members.
  • Select & create one or multiple home pages
  • Share with over 360 Social Networks
  • Share with over 100 Professional Networks
  • MLS Social Links & Professional Organizations And customized features….

Create Teams and Fan Clubs for Any Sport:

  • Team Page, Description, Players and Coaches
  • Related Teams, Leagues and Organizations
  • Submit Real-time Updates of Scores and Highlights
  • Search for Existing Teams and Fan Clubs
  • Create Fan Clubs
  • Share to 360 Social Networks
  • Share to 100 Professional Networks
  • Safety for Children

Advanced Search Options:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by Location & Language
  • Sport Member Search
  • Member Criteria Search
  • Article Search
  • Team Search * Fan Club Search
  • Sports Connections & Keywords
  • and..General Search Options

Family Accounts

  • MLS has created Family Accounts to allow children 13 years old and younger to participate on our site.
  • Family Accounts require a parent or guardian to sign up and be the owner of the account. Parents and guardians have all the rights as to what is displayed, what is shared & who has access to this account.
  • We follow guidelines of Safe Harbor and Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Promote Yourself

  • This cross-generational sport resource empowers athletes to promote and enhance their image.
  • Members can create a personal game plan specific to their vision for personal sport, educational, professional and career achievement, broadening their appeal on the road to success.
  • For personal assistance in achieving your goals utilize our Personal Analysis option

Professional Resources

  • Create Professional Service & Product Offerings
  • Select your “Sport Identity”
  • Submit relevant content supportive of your profession

Multicultural Applications

  • MLS supports all of the world’s spoken and read languages
  • Members can submit content in their languages of choice
  • Search members by the languages they speak and/or read

Mobile Applications / Desktop

  • View MLS on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and all other Smart Phones
  • View MLS on iPad (all otherTablets), Desktops or Laptops
  • Manage all of Your Profiles & Accounts
  • Create & Manage your Teams, Articles, Videos, and Photos..and more
  • Upload Photos and Videos from your Sport Activities

Collegiate Recruiting

  • Sport Recruiting sources to assist our members in their quest for sport career advancement. introduction to coaches & administrators; scholarship opportunities and securing the best education available.
  • You can use the information created in your profiles and related resources to further enhance your presentations to attract scouts, agents, legal support… and other professional assistance.

MLS Associations

  • MLS has created strategic partnerships, alliances and endorsement with global sport related organizations
  • Featuring active memberships that are in the hundreds of millions where you can share your experiences, accomplishments & goals.

Earn Money With MLS

  • Members can share in our revenue opportunities.
  • MLS offers its members the ability to earn money through 30 distinct revenue generating platforms with new features being developed. We also offer bartering, exchange and pay forward programs

Philanthropy / Mission

  • Secure assistance in your athletic and sport related careers
  • Resources to assist athletic and sport related career endeavors
  • In our continued support of sport competition we will donate a portion of our advertising revenue to sport related charities, scholarships and philanthropic efforts


  • For Sport Fans, by Sport Fans…where knowledgeable and passionate Sports fans meet to share insights and opinions
  • Generating a broad, in-depth coverage of your favorite sports
  • Built on an open community publishing platform.
  • Your voice on what’s important in the world of sports

Tech & Business Services

  • Choose from our extensive menu of services and products
  • Internet business development & investment
  • Application development and web design services
  • Web development environments & marketing platforms
  • Independent vendor member services.


  • Kids2ProSport welcomes the opportunity to create affiliations with individuals, companies and organizations that share our philosophy and passion.
  • A selected sample of Affiliates include Reebok, Sports Authority, Soccer.com, USA Today, Footlocker, Dicks, Barnes & Nobile, Microsoft, Golfsmith, beRecruited….and others.

Additional Features / Opportunities

  • MLS Employment
  • Third-Party Employment
  • Individual Member or Team Customized Plans
  • Exclusive Development of Individual Sports
  • Corporate and Exclusive Sponsorships
  • Licensing and Intellectual Partnerships
  • Customized MLS Concepts / Platform Versions for states, countries, teams, sponsors, organizations and more!
  • Public Relations, branding, article submissions, press releases contact introductions, and alternative promotional services for our members.
  • Affiliations / Partnerships
  • MLS is already pre-developing other niche-oriented social and business networking sites such as the performing arts, fashion, politics, religious organizations ….and more.

Media Kit

  • We provide the control, tools & flexibility for self-serve advertisement placement to promote your content in an engaging environment
  • Select demographics that best distributes to your marketplace
  • Advertising placement & sponsorship locations from over 30,000 sport home pages with 270,000 placement options through our self-serve and company assisted marketing platforms.
  • Marketing and Sponsorship options can also be selected from our multiple Media Assistance platforms
  • Advertising on Members Personalized Sport Home Pages & Profiles
  • Advertising on Family Sport Legacy Home Pages
  • Advertising on Teams and Fan Clubs
  • Client representation by your agency through our Media Agency Advertising Fee Agreement
  • Offering your services in our Advertising Assistance Plans
  • Reciprocal Media Bartering Programs
  • Bonus Advertisement & Co-op Promotions