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MyLifeSportsSports.com has developed the world’s premier, interactive, multicultural Global Sports & Social Community providing the resources to Create, Share & Preserve …Your Sports Memories in the sport(s) / gender / age / profession / languages and countries of choice to the 2.3 billion worldwide who participate in sport activities*

MLS is “All About You” and through a secure, personally managed account, you can create individual profiles for all of your sport and skill set activities…for your entire lifetime, to use socially, for sport, business, educational opportunities, career advancement…and more!

With the emergence of social media and its impact on the sport universe…MLS has created the world’s most comprehensive, single destination portal providing you the introduction to infinite opportunities in sports recognition, competition and connections…… Just imagine what your potential success could have been, or can be….. If you had this advantage?

For Parents, MLS provides the opportunity to share in their children’s sports memories, nurturing their life skills and sport interaction into their professional and personal futures, while also providing families the ability to share their personal sport memories.

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As an added value proposition you have the option to showcase your talents in comparison to your peers, through our exclusive Timeline Feature, utilizing our eight “Advanced Search” features, including our proprietary criteria search that will enable you to compare your skills with others from your community…. To around the world!

Have something to say about sports? You can also submit content to any of our 30,000 sport selections from the USA and 265 countries each with their individual sport website; over 5,000,000 identifying sport related connections and categories; and hundreds of thousands in interactive features…. in the languages and countries of choice.

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This cross-generational sport resource empowers athletes to “Brand” and enhance their image. Members can create a personal game plan specific to their vision for personal achievement, broadening their appeal on the road to success. MLS also provides the resources for our members to present their sport related professions, services & products to their demographics of choice.

(*source: US Census Bureau).